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Custom Chip Burning
Power Builder Step I
Power Builder Step II
Torque Monster Rebuild
383 Stroker 450 HP Package
1986 Pacecar

1984 - 205 HP and 290 ft lbs of torque

1985 - 230 HP and 330 ft lbs of torque

1986 - 230/235 HP and 330 ft lbs of torque

1987 - 240 HP and 345 ft lbs of torque

1988/89 - 240/245 HP and 345 ft lbs of torque

1990/91 - 245/250 HP and 345 ft lbs of torque

ASE Certified All Boos Performance Mechanics are ASE Certified

Certification requires technical college training in all the latest car computers and systems.

Since 1953 Corvette has been the leader in unique technology and systems. The average mechanic doesn't have experience in all of those systems and end up fixing your car from a manual. Let our team fix your car from our education, training, and unique experience in all years of Corvette.

Full shop All jobs from ABS systems to complete engine overhauls!

Have a problem the others can't find? Our experience counts!

With years of combined diagnosis and repair experience on all makes and models of vehicles, the team at Boos Performance can get your car back to factory perfection.

Internet speed shopping is tough to do because everyone has a "Head and Cam" package but prices are all over the place. We at Boos Performance put our packages together so you actually get all the performance out of your package instead of leaving parts out to make our packages look cheaper! Add on our technical training, race experience, attention to detail, and you will find our packages are the best value on the internet!

Do you have a custom setup in mind? Technology continues to advance year after year making cars faster with superior engineering. Boos Performance can help you spec out, design, and build anything from a pavement pounding street machine to a track ready race car.

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