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Boos Performance Tune $495!
Automatic Transmission Tune Add $95

A Performance Tune will tune the entire RPM and load range of your car, not the typical WOT of a dyno tune.

Your car will have more power through the entire RPM range, smoother power, and in most cases better gas mileage!

The components of a solid performance tune begins with industry training (you need to understand everything your computer controls and why), the best tuning software on the market, and the ability to recognize what needs to change and why.

Unlike other tunes, we start with logging the data you car tells us. We begin with a road test using our tuner in record mode data logging what is happening to your car as it goes through various combinations of load and RPMs.

This establishes a tune baseline for your car, and will help us understand what's going on under the hood.

Then we are back to the shop to analyze what we recorded to begin to look for opportunities for optimization.

After making adjustments it's back on the road to test the changes made, and again log what is happening to your car. We verify the changes made produce the results we are looking for.

Ask our customers who have had a Boos Performance tune and you'll find they report more power through the entire RPM range, a higher MPG, and a performance tune that stays tuned!

Everyone has heard the term Dyno Tune, and at a car event you've probably seen a car strapped on to a dyno with a bunch of wires hanging off it to a computer.

Someone is probably sitting in the car and mashes the gas to the floor and you get a horsepower and torque reading. The tuner will adjust and test, adjust and test, adjust and test until they get the spark advance and air fuel ratio they want at wide open throttle.

But who only drives at wide open throttle all the time? Most of the time that's the only part of your car that is adjusted with a dyno tune, wide open throttle!

When you read the "Why Do I Want A Tune" below, keep in mind that your car computer learns, adjusts, and will blanket apply adjustments to the WOT program of the car. If you just dyno tune the WOT program and not the entire RPM range, your car may adjust away any benefits you gain from a dyno only tune!

A lot of car owners out there would like a little more power.

All Corvettes new from the factory run rich (you may have heard owners refer to this as "pig rich"). This means there is more fuel than actually needed being dumped into each cylinder because all engines, even though they have the "same" parts are all a little different and GM selects a safe tune for all possible variations. A performance tune will maximize your engine tune for your specific engine.

We also read the magazines and car forums then seek out catalogues and start to buy parts and bolt them on ourselves...it's easy and the magazine said it would give you a 10 HP gain right? Well sort of.

The computer in your car does two things all the time, it learns and adjusts. What happens when you bolt on a new thing to your engine like a new air box or a set of headers? Well the amount of flow through the engine changes and for a brief time (the first 200 to 500 miles after you make a change) the engine may get a slight gain in HP.

A Corvette is tuned to have an air/fuel ratio of 14.7 to 1 from the factory. What this means, if you put on a new air box that flows better, the engine will get more air thus leaning out the air and fuel going in to the engine (giving you a little HP gain).

The computer watches this and between 200 and 500 miles after you put your air box in, it will adjust it's program to get that 14.7 to 1 back (sometimes making a rich car even richer). Say it had to add 10% more fuel due to your air box during normal driving. This matters for wide open throttle (WOT).

WOT to your computer is a fixed program, it doesn't measure when you mash the gas then adjust because it's pre-set from the factory. However if the normal driving program had to rich the mixture by 10%, the computer will blanket apply that extra 10% to your WOT if it needs it or not! You may end up with LESS power after your computer learns how your new air box flows!

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